24.04.2013 – 12.07.2013


SWING Design Gallery is pleased to announce HOCKETY POCKETY, an exhibition project born out of the partnership between the designers Andrea Magnani (Faenza,1983) and Giovanni Delvecchio (Cesena,1981). Their research shares the fascination for the human dimension inside each object. With narrative and conceptual language, this designers duo makes use of new domestic rituals calling design paradigm into question.  On the occasion of the exhibition  HOCKETY POCKETY –  ironic title from Mago Merlino’s famous formulation – six unique objects have been realized, with an ambiguous meaning in aesthetic and symbology. Francesco XXIII is a domestic basin of holy water that reminds us to live with more awareness of our daily rituals with water, it being a precious source for persons of every race and religion. The metaphor  “Il bastone e la carota” inspired the elegant office chair Sheepper. The future is uncertain but can  be predicted through the coat hanger Saturn Aureola. The 6th of November 2009 a chair was buried in the forest – three years later it has been brought to light and lives again in 6.11.2009 – 20.12.2012, a polyfunctional hybrid object. Angolare Paradiso is a tribute to the buttress, an architectural element used in gothic churches. Merrymaking at the table becomes a creative act in First Supper Project, a romantic itinerant project which converts dining companions to unaware food performers. Leaving the attraction to “beauty and function” behind, the exhortation is to establish an emotional and interactive approach.