19.12.2020 - 27.02.2021


SWING Design Gallery is pleased to present RITUALS OF GATHERING, the first solo show by the art and architecture studio, Ghezzi Agerskov.
What is the difference between a ritual and a daily habit? Does the ritual evoke a presence and awareness while being performed that the habit does not? Are our habits not in fact rituals of daily life? In the exhibition RITUALS OF GATHERING we question what habit is and what ritual is. By raising awareness around the everyday objects of habit, we wish to dissolve and rebuild the border between the two. The exhibition brings together the habits around which we gather through objects representing the memories of shared moments. Each object seeks to be a point of gathering between people and an atmosphere through the object’s material quality and by stimulating sensory impressions. All works share the ambiguity of usage as they can be used for several purposes, all vessels to hold an element around which we gather. Each object is named after the element that it will hold. The main material of the exhibition is the local green tufo from the Island of Ischia, where  Ghezzi Agerskov’s studio is based. The green stone with its purple veins is in the exhibition, combined with Slate, Onyx, Azul Cielo, and other precious marbles. Ghezzi Agerskov sculpted the stone with the help and expertise of stone artisans, and each piece was shaped and refined directly in the workshop.

Ghezzi Agerskov is an art and architecture studio established in 2018, based in Denmark and Italy.
Through the poetry of space, they find a meaningful way of communicating, leading to holistic projects connecting the material to the people and the place, creating the finished work. Eleonora Ghezzi was born in Italy in 1990, and she studied architecture at La Sapienza University in Rome. Alberte Agerskov was born in Denmark in 1993, and she studied architecture at The Royal Academy of Arts in Copenhagen. She is currently completing a Master in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, London. In 2018 Ghezzi Agerskov created their first sculptural project, Carcel d’Oro in Chile, and in 2019 they did their first project in stone — the series of lamps Oggetti Paradossali. In 2020 the studio participated in the design fair EDIT in Naples with SWING Design Gallery. In spring 2021 Ghezzi Agerskov will be based in Milano, for an art project supported by Via Farini. In autumn 2021, the studio will conclude an artistic project in southern Japan, focused on clay and stone-sculpting with Japanese artisanal traditions.