4.12.2019 - 10.12.2019


HABITAT, the collection designed by Giovanni Botticelli for SWING Design Gallery and the result of collaboration with the historic cellulloid company Mazzucchelli, is the result of a long research on the possibilities of applying the techniques and materials used in the production of glasses to objects intended for furnishing . With the aim of combining thought, design and formal purity together, the designer explores and reinterprets a material familiar to him: cellulose acetate. The result of a deep and articulated research is a collection that presents itself as a transposition in scale of languages ​​and forms typical of architecture, suggesting correspondences between essential codes and pure geometries. On display wall bookcases, tables and boxes, furnishings conceived as places where memories live, spaces to preserve the precious memory of our objects. The exhibition is hosted in the spaces of the Circolo del Design Torino from 4 to 19 December 2019. Inside “I Mercedì del Design”, the exhibition is opened by a presentation talk. Speakers: Giovanni Botticelli, designer; Angela da Silva, founder of SWING Design Gallery; Mazzucchelli 1849, company. The meeting will be chaired by Elena Dellapiana, Associate Professor DAD, Polytechnic of Turin.