26.05.2012 – 15.09.2012


SWING Design Gallery is pleased to present Pixel Vases Landscape, the first exhibition in Italy of the British designer Julian F. Bond (Abu Dhabi, 1984). For his work Julian F. Bond was inspired by his fascination for the different processes of production and the analysis of how these can be reinterpreted and made unique by intervening manually. The result of this unique research is a universe of objects, which by mixing the handmade and industrial, enhances the potential of the materials and the charm of imperfection. The Pixel Vases were presented for the first time in 2010 at his graduation show in MA Product Design at the Royal College of Art in London; these were formed by the Pixel Casting Machine, a machine created by the designer to produce unique ceramic vases. This machine uses a mould made of hundreds of 1-2 cm plaster sticks, which can be moved individually to create unique designs. The vases are created using a traditional slip casting technique, but Julian F. Bond intervenes in the production process replacing the fixed moulds with manual design. The machine, in the hands of the designer Deus ex machina, transforms its role from being only an anonymous mechanical device to the undisputed main character in the creative process. Manual ability redeems itself to industrial mass production. On the occasion of the exhibition Pixel Vases Landscape a series of vases made for SWING Design Gallery will be shown. For the first time the Hexagonal Pixel Vases will be presented, Bond’s latest project. During the opening the designer will operate his Pixel casting Machine allowing visitors to see how his creations are born.