31.10.2015 – 16.01.2016


SWING Gallery is pleased to present GLINT SPUTNIK COLLECTION, the first Italian solo exhibition of French designer Julie Lansom. Following Rainbow Collection, a limited edition of lamps created last December for SWING Gallery and exhibited afterwards at the Milan Design Week|5VIE, Julie Lansom proposes a new collection of unique pieces created from a combination of different colours and materials. Her lamps are inspired by the first Sputnik satellite containing a strong influence of geometrisation, with a much simpler linear style than modern satellites. This aesthetic, along with the spatial imagery, becomes warmer through the choice of colours inspired by autumn and its nuances. The edition of lamps presented in this exhibition enhances the sparkle or glint effect through the implementation of lurex and monochromatic tints. A brilliant palette of colours that plays with blue, green, yellow and pink replaces the usual space and form created with a ruler and compass and the geometric shapes in white and silver colours of the Space Age. The practice of hand weaving detaches the lamps from the technological coldness of the Space Age, bringing them back to a much more familiar context, almost vintage style, following an approach that the designer defines as retro-futuristic. On the one hand, her work embodies a leap into the future and beautiful new worlds, on the other hand it is a reimagining of 60s and 70s imagery. The beauty of these lamps is enhanced precisely because of this double process: a journey to the future with a look to the past.The hand weaving conjures up a meditative realisation of seeking harmony with one’s inner self and surroundings, hinted at with the oriental lanterns, a symbol of spirituality. The exhibition GLINT SPUTNIK COLLECTION is dedicated to the theme of Cosmic Light, since UNESCO declared 2015 the ‘International Year of Light’. Text by Antonella Palladino