14 aprile - 19 aprile 2015

Milano Design Week 2015 | STELLAR COLLECTION by Studio Furthermore | DERIVA DEI CONTINENTI by Studio Resign | 5 VIE DISTRICT

SWING Design Gallery is pleased to announce a new design project produced and exhibited in occasion of Milano Design Week 2015 at 5Vie District.
Stellar Collection
by Marina Dragomirova & Iain Howlett is a collection of unique glass lamps combining assorted vintage crystal objects with advanced L.E.D light technology. Each lamp is made up of glass elements that have been carefully selected from thrift shops found around Marina and Iain’s east London studio. The result of this creative process is a sort of marriage of past and present. “For us, this project was about blending the charm of vintage crystal with a contemporary L.E.D light technology – to produce an unexpected harmony.” Together with Stellar Collection is presented Mixers by Marina Dragomirova, a series of mix-and-match vintage stemmed glasses. Each set comes from glasses collected from the designer’s travels around Bulgaria, Denmark and the Czech Republic. For each set of 3, there are 36 potential glass combinations. For Dragomirova, every piece of the Mixers possesses “the memories of social gatherings and shared stories.” Marina Dragomirova (Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 1983) & Iain Howlett (Truro, UK, 1980). They lives and works in London.
Deriva dei Continenti by Giovanni Delvecchio (Studio RESIGN) is a collection of unique seating wood furniture realized in collaboration with Tappezzeria Sbarzaglia. Delvecchio research makes use of new domestic rituals calling design paradigm into question. The project Deriva dei Continenti describes the history of an object born combining experimentation and ingenious, peculiarity of Delvecchio work. Exploring his body during a day of work in his studio, the designer try to leave a track impressed on the seating just realized; from this sign the filling is shaped. The decoration reveals a Continental Drift. Giovanni Delvecchio (Cesena, italy, 1981). He lives and works between Faenza and Milano.