30.06.2020 - 30.09.2020

Sarah-Linda Forrer | MEDUSA

SWING Design Gallery presents MEDUSA, the first collection of vases, designed and made by the designer Sarah-Linda Forrer exclusively for the Gallery. Inspired by the morphologies and layered textures of ocean creatures, the vases feature soft forms and texturised glazes, adding depth to their surfaces. Making use of an experimental approach, each shape is carefully hand-built and deformed to find the right balance between nature and artefact. By layering different glazes and textures, the surface becomes a detailed, irregular skin on the object. The collection plays with archaic feminine silhouettes and organic finishes to become a series of objects hovering between artefacts and natural findings. An ode to nature without copying it literally, the Medusa collection reminds us of the elemental, raw beauty of our origins, and the importance of appreciating and co-existing with our natural surroundings. Combining luxurious and organic materials, Sarah-Linda Forrer creates one-of-a-kind and limited edition objects in her design studio in Amsterdam.

Sarah-Linda Forrer was born in Carcassonne, France, in 1990. She lives and works in Amsterdam.
Born and raised in the French Pyrenees, she has always been inspired by the details of nature. With her intuitive and experimental way of working, she looks for new beauty. Fascinated by people’s rituals, she strives to create sensitivity to the forgotten moments and details that shape our daily lives, using her work to trigger the imagination. Sarah-Linda Forrer graduated in December 2013 from the Design Academy in Eindhoven, Man & Identity department, where she developed an experimental and conceptual way of working, sensitivity for colours and materials, and an attraction to trends. With Stella Derkzen, she founded Studio Haze in 2015: an experimental design studio that focuses on the design of patterns and surfaces for interior, product, and fashion applications.
SELECTED EXHIBITIONS: 2018 Rituals for boredom, Vienna Design Week, Vienna; Artist Residency / Villa Lena, Italy; Ventura Dubai / Index Dubai – Indulge, Evoke and Oyster; Venice Food Design Week – Evoke and Stone Spoons 2017 Operae, Independent Design Fair, Turin – curated by Alice Stori Liechtenstein, Lingotto Torino, Torino;
Dutch Design Week Eindhoven – Evoke; Materialia, curated by SWING Design Gallery. Chiesa di Santa Teresa, Benevento 2016 Salone del Mobile, Milano – Evoke; Bolzano Fiera / Arredo 2016 – Evoke 2015  London Design Festival 2015 / Plants out of Place – Weed Beautification; Musée des Arts Décoratifs Paris / Meet  my project – Studio Haze; Design Kwartier Den Haag – Studio Haze; Generation 2015, Amsterdam – Food Fragility 2014 Morphologies – Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation Show