14.12.2013 – 15.02.2014


SWING Design Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition What you get is what you give? by the designer duo Shapes in Play (Johanna Spath, Würzburg, 1981 and Johannes Tsopanides, Munich, 1980). Exploring the borders of product design where design meets technology, art or crafts, Shapes in Play develops a research born out of the observation of contemporary culture. Digital, emotional and conceptual coexsist in symbiosis in their productions. Internet represents the big revolution of the 21stcentury and digital culture influences all our existence by the time. Which is the impact of digital technology on  manufacture, culture and society? And the interaction between humans and objects? Shapes in Play, specialized in generative product design, translates these reflections in an experimental approach transforming sound, data or movement into unique three-dimensional objects. In occasion of his first solo exhibition at SWING Design Gallery the couple presents a new collection of resin ornamental bowls, Hidden Patterns. The choice of making these objects protagonists of the collection has an intrinsic, iconic and formal value. Casted making use of 3D printing technology, the bowls are a result of digital and handmade process. The project is as a sort of metaphor of internet; Hidden Patterns simbolyzes the relationship between the human being and his privacy inside the network context. There is a great lack of transparency in digital privacy, we should protect it with greater severity. The exhibition title What you get is what you give? suggests an ambivalent reality: more we use the conveniences that internet offers us, denser is the net of personal data collected about ourselves. Together with the new bowls collection, will be presented the latest version of the famous interactive project Soundplotter, shown at “Berlin Trails” Ventura Lambrate during Salone del Mobile 2013 in Milan.